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Our innovative solutions guide you in navigating the challenges, and seizing opportunities, in today's complex political landscape. Our expertise is in helping you engage the diverse internal and external stakeholders that are key to your organization's success.

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Advance Your Mission

Drive change by amplifying your voice, advancing policy goals, and fostering thought leadership to make a meaningful community impact. Our solutions include:

  1. Thought Leadership & Engaging Events
    1. Executive Positioning
    2. Policy Thought Leadership
    3. Engaging Events

  2. Talent Development & Workshops
    1. Speaking & Professional Development Workshops
    2. Fellowship & Internship Program Design


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Grow Your Revenue

Cultivate lasting strategic partnerships with sponsors, and increase engagement from stakeholders, to promote resilience and sustainability. Our solutions include:

  1. Corporate Relations & Sponsorships Strategy
    1. Sponsorship Health Check
    2. Sponsor Engagement Strategy
    3. Conference Corporate Relations

  2. Membership & Chapter Engagement
    1. Membership Health Check
    2. Membership & Chapter Engagement Strategy
    3. Washington, DC Fly-In Strategy


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Win The Future

Seize opportunities and navigate risks posed by the current political environment to position your organization as a leader in driving impactful change and shaping the future. Our solutions include:

  1. Future Focused Strategy
    1. Strategy Sessions

  2. Current Events Strategic Response
    1. Crisis Mitigation & Response


Advance Your Mission

Thought Leadership & Engaging Events

Policy Thought Leadership

Craft a dynamic thought leadership strategy to amplify your organization's voice and influence in key policy areas. We work closely with your team to develop strategies to drive meaningful change and differentiate your organization from competitors. Expert positioning not only enhances your visibility, but also helps you get noticed by potential sponsors. Engage policymakers in events in Washington, DC and their districts, ensuring your message reaches decision-makers where it matters most. 

Executive Positioning

Elevate the visibility, authority, and impact of your senior and emerging executives with diverse stakeholders and corporate America. Our program offers strategic support and targeted communication, empowering executives to enhance their presence and influence in the policy arena. By leveraging their expertise, executives can position themselves as thought leaders, driving meaningful policy conversations and fostering deeper connections with potential sponsors.

Engaging Events

Take your events to the next level with our expertise in developing interactive experiences. From dynamic networking gatherings to intimate fireside chats and engaging roundtables, we specialize in creating distinctive event formats that engage audiences and facilitate valuable connections. This approach not only promotes thought leadership, but also sets your organization apart, positioning you as an innovator in your industry.

Talent Development & Workshops

Speaking & Professional Development Workshops

Empower your team and constituents with engaging discussions and professional development workshops tailored to build their brand, advance their careers, and provide strategic insights into today's political landscape. Invite us to participate in, or moderate, panels and experience curated sessions offering invaluable insights and practical strategies. 

Fellowship & Internship Program Design

Empower the next generation of leaders through our fellowship & internship program development. From designing orientation sessions to facilitating professional growth workshops, we offer comprehensive assistance to nurture talent. Our customized programs feature training on the congressional legislative process and our signature Intern to Chief program, equipping participants to make the most of their opportunities. Leveraging our expertise in program development, we craft impactful experiences that foster talent and drive success.

Grow Your Revenue

Corporate Relations & Sponsorships

Sponsorship Health Check

Elevate your sponsorship strategy with our Sponsorship Health Check—an assessment created to highlight opportunities for securing additional funding and successfully navigating the changing sponsorship environment. Through our analysis, you'll gain invaluable insights into how well your sponsorships align with your fundraising goals and resonate with potential donors. We'll highlight areas of success and opportunities for growth, providing practical recommendations to optimize your sponsorship strategy for meeting fundraising goals.

Sponsor Engagement Strategy

Maximize your organization's sponsor engagement by developing a comprehensive strategy to cultivate lasting partnerships that go beyond just events. Utilizing the findings from the Sponsorship Health Check, we will craft a data-informed plan to enhance sponsor relationships, attract new sponsors, and optimize sponsorship revenue. We will collaborate with you to create an approach that includes effective engagement strategies, strategic positioning recommendations, and measurable performance indicators to build a solid foundation for growth and achieving sponsorship objectives.

Conference Corporate Relations

Enhance sponsor satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and ongoing support for your event. We offer sponsors a trusted partner to address their needs promptly throughout the conference. From coordinating sponsor communications to managing sponsor lounges, distributing tickets, and resolving sponsor concerns onsite, we act as ambassadors for your organization. With our dedicated support, we save your team valuable time, and maximize the sponsor experience to drive recurring sponsorships for your conference.

Membership & Chapter Engagement

Membership & Chapter Health Check

Assess your organization's member engagement strategy by evaluating how members are currently involved in your initiatives. By pinpointing areas for optimization, we strive to enhance member participation, cultivate a strong community, and ultimately boost overall engagement. Strengthening the connection of members to your organization's mission can not only increase satisfaction, but also pave the way for expanded fundraising opportunities.

Member & Chapter Engagement Strategy

Equip your team with a comprehensive strategy to nurture long-lasting connections that extend beyond event participation. By utilizing insights from our Membership Health Check, we will design a data-driven plan. Collaborating with your team, we will create tailored approaches to increase engagement and participation in member dues. Through effective engagement strategies, strategic positioning advice, and measurable performance indicators, we will help establish a strong foundation for expansion, foster valuable partnerships, and advance your fundraising objectives.

Washington Fly-In Strategy

Optimize your Washington Fly-In experience to maximize your organization's effectiveness and reach your objectives in Washington, D.C. Whether you're there for advocacy, networking, or industry connections, our team is skilled at planning impactful events in the Nation's Capital. From creating strategic agendas to managing logistics, we work with you to ensure your Fly-In is a success.

Win The Future

Future Focused Strategy

Strategy Session

Empower your organization to seize untapped opportunities with our Strategy Session. Whether you're exploring new ventures, grappling with challenges, or seeking guidance on a particular obstacle, our sessions offer tailored insights and innovative strategies. With a focus on anticipating future trends and understanding market dynamics, we equip you to navigate the evolving political landscape with confidence. By positioning your organization ahead of competitors, we drive visibility to potential corporate sponsors, and promote sustainability for your organization. 

Current Events Response Strategy

Crisis Mitigation & Response

Address policy and political hurdles in the midst of current events impacting diverse communities. From managing strategic responses to implementing rapid strategies, we offer solutions to safeguard your organization's reputation and operations. With stakeholder engagement strategies and post-incident evaluations, ensure resilience in challenging times. 

Get To Know Us


Troy Clair is a corporate affairs leader with sound judgment, analytical skills, and integrity who is a trusted advisor to executives in the public and private sectors. He develops innovative strategies that empower companies and nonprofits to grow, build a positive brand reputation, advance sustainability goals, and have a positive impact on the communities they serve. 

Troy is a thought leader on topics ranging from technology and politics to personal and professional development. He has given speeches and led workshops for more than 30 organizations. Troy graduated cum laude from of Duke University. His career has spanned several industries, including:


  • Amazon - Head of Public Policy Partnerships
  • Instacart - Head of Public Engagement


  • U.S. Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC) - Chief of Staff
  • U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (MD) - Deputy External Affairs Director


  • U.S. Department of the Treasury - Senior Advisor to the Assistant Treasury Secretary


  • Hillary Clinton for President - State Director (North Carolina)
  • John Kerry for President - Regional Field Organizer (Miami, Fl)
  • Twenty-First Century Democrats PAC - National Training Director


  • Congressional Black Caucus Foundation - Director of the Leadership Institute for Public Service

Engaging Companies & Causes

A sample of companies and causes Troy has partnered with to deliver meaningful impact.

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Our Competitive Advantage

1. Focus on Helping Clients Deliver Impact

2. Policy Expertise & Experience Engaging Diverse Communities

3. Innovative Solutions That Challenge the Status Quo

4. Utilization of Cutting-Edge Technology

5. Commitment To Keeping Things Simple

Benefits of Partnering With Us

1. Unlock Your Potential to Deliver Impact

2. Clarity on Next Steps

3. Enhanced Sponsor Engagement & Retention

4. Navigate the Challenging Political Landscape

5. Confidence in Decision Making

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